Present Exhibitions:





















Expodium research project about ‘Terrain Vague’.

2 October Lecture about project

proposalDate: 02.10.2009

Location: Kurgerstraat 11, Utrecht

Latest info at: www.expodium.nl

Participating artist: Isa Andreu, Maze Boer, Christine Bruckmeier, Nikos Doulos, Anke Kuipers, Joshua Thies





Past Exhibitions



Date: 10.07.2009 t/m 23.08.2009

Location: Museum Tent, Witte de Withstraat 50, Rotterdam

Latest info at: www.cbk.rotterdam.nl/tentrotterdam/pzi2009-nl.htm

Participating artist: Isa Andreu, Hadar Bernstein, Rachel Carey, Aline Keller, Anke Kuipers, Cornelia Heusser, Esperanza Rosales, David Stamp, Joshua Thies, Kathrin Wolkowicz


Open-day Besturing

Date: 16 May 2009

Location: Atelier complex ‘De Besturing’

More info: www.debesturing.nl


Pecha Kucha

Date: 26 Novemeber 2008

Location: Off Corso Rotterdam

More information: www.pechakucha.nl/rotterdam/0-archive/arch-21.html

Participating artist: BLISS, Masashi Echigo, Strange attractors Design, Jochem van Tol, Anke Kuipers, Coen Jansen, Gemma Koppen & Tanja Vollmer, Matthijs Bosman, Vitabuck architects, Ronald Motta


Eurode kunstpreiss

Date: 21.09.08 t/m 19.10.2008

Location: Eurode Bahnhof, Bahnhofstrasse 15, D-52134 Herzogenrath

Participating artist: Thomas Bambey, Caroline Bayer, Ulla Bonnen, Patrick Borchers, Claudia Breuer, Agii Gosse, Anke Kuipers, Bettina Marx, Marc Podawczyk, Lars Rosenbom


‘The Heroic’

Date:  12.06.2008-15.06.2008

Location: Old Photo-museum, Witte de Withstraat 63 Rotterdam

Latest info at:  www.theheroicexhibition.com


Kunstvlaai Art Fair

Date 10.05.2008-18.05.2008   

Location: Westergasfabriek Amsterdam

Latest info at: http://www.kunstvlaai.nl

Check also: http://pzwart.wdka.hro.nl/fama

Every day, one or two different artists from Piet Zwart Institute present their work in a series of individual statements. The presentations reflect the diversity of the institute: included are video, photography, performance, drawing and sculpture. Whether new work is presented for the first time, or existing work is shown in a new context, all participating artists engage critically with issues relevant to contemporary culture and society, placing their work at centre of a larger context of public discourse and display.

Participating artists : Inger Alfnes (N), Maja Bekan (SCG), Rachel Carey (USA), Esperanza Christine Rosalez (USA), Cornelia Heusser (CH), Aline Keller (CH), Anke Kuipers (NL), Gerwin Luijendijk (NL), Margo Onnes (NL), David Stamp (UK), Edward Clydesdale Thomson (GB), Esmé Valk (NL), Esther de Vlam (NL), Sjoerd Westbroek (NL)


Open dag atelier complex De Besturing

Date 17.05.2008

Time 12:00h

Feest vanaf 18:00

Location: Saturnusstraat 91 Den Haag

Latest info at: www.debesturing.nl

Participating artists: Lisa van Bommel, Harold de Bree, Myung Feyen, Tom de Groot, Floris Kaayk, Marieke Klos, Floris Kruidenberg, Anke, Kuipers, Joost Nieuwenburg, Tiddo de Ruiter, Kim De Ruysscher, Dennis Slootweg, Marc Vermeulen, Xander Wiersma, Marlis Zimmermann


A Perfect Society - Performative Works

Date 18.03.2008

Time 20:30h

Location Rotterdamse Schouwburg

Info at: www.rotterdamseschouwburg.nl

As part of the programme Werk in Uitvoering ("Under Construction") British artist Maria Pask and the Piet Zwart Institute present the project A Perfect Society. Based on the 1933 novel Lost Horizon by James Hilton and its Hollywood film adaptation of 1937, the piece centers around the mythical subject of Shangri-La, an earthly paradise set in the Himalaya. Shangri-La is often used as a figure of speech to represent something elusive, something that is much sought after and unattainable - an unseen place on the horizon. In humourous and performative ways, twelve artists from Piet Zwart Institute will deal with questions such as "what is happiness" and "what is a perfect society?". The subject matter of Lost Horizon will be dealt with not only from its ideological viewpoint, but also by asking how, within such general themes and world views, ideas can be transformed from a collective into a more personal story. The project will be presented as a series of performances and presentations developed in a quick and spontaneous fashion, thereby echoing the subject of "Under Construction" or "Work in Progress" and the idea of collectively building a "perfect" society.

Participating artists: Isa Andrea, Maja Bekan, Rachel Carey, Jacqueline Forzelius, Cornelia Heusser, Aline Keller, Anke Kuipers, Gerwin Luijendijk, David Stamp, Mirjana Stojadinovic, Joshua Thies, Esther de Vlam


Shadow of a dream  Hongaren + Hagenaars

Date  20.09.2007-30.09.2007

Location: Quartair – Contemporary Art Initiatives (1992)

Toussaintkade 55, 2513 CL Den Haag

Participating artists: Anna Baróthy, Katharina Rothers, Rita Varga, Imre Bukta, Tibor Gyenis, Károly Halász, Sándor Pinczhelyi, Jószef Szolnoki, Marlies Andriaanse, José den Hartog, Anke Kuipers, Annechien Meier, Annemarie Petri, Marjan Schoenmakers, Mariska Streefland en Paul Robbert Bruijninckx.


Art olive jong talent ‘07


Date 13.09.2007-16.09.2007

Location: Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek, Zuiveringshal Oost, Polonceaukade 8,


www.artolive.com / www.galerie.nl

Overview of a selection of previously graduated artist of all the art academies in Holland.





Date 07.09.2007-14.10.2007


Locatie: Kunsteysen – Kanaalkade 65-66 Alkmaar




Hollandse Nieuwe

Date 07.07.2007-28.07.2007

Location: Van Wijngaarden Hakkens Lijnbaansgracht 318 1017WZ Amsterdam


“Hollandse NIEUWE '07” is een afspiegeling van de nieuwste generatie kunstenaars en werd samengesteld met werk van: 

Hadar Bernstein, Israel 1983 (KABK, Den Haag)
David Jablonowksi, Duitsland, 1982 (Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam)
Anke Kuipers, Nederland, 1984 (KABK, Den Haag) 
Kim Rikken, Nederland, 1980 (ABK, Maastricht)
Iva Supic (Kroatië, 1978) (Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam)De tentoonstelling werd samengesteld door Anna Hakkens en gastcurator Roos Stamet-Geurs van Karmijn kunstadvies.


Final exam exhibition KABK Den Haag

Date 30.06.2007– 08.07.2007

Location: Prinsessegracht 4 Den Haag




Pre-final exam exhibition of the Royal Academy of Art

Van 02.02.2007-09.02.2007

Location: Old KPN building Binckhorstlaan 36 Den Haag


Transmission Megafoon 2

Performance together with RECPLAY.

Date 28.01.2007

Location: Studio 80  Rembrandtplein 17  Amsterdam


TodaysArt festival

Location: Atrium Den Haag


Structet: Building Music 2006

Students from the ArtScience faculty at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague present Structet, a magnificent union of image and sound by, among others, Robert Pravda, Kasper van der Horst, Horst Rickels, Robin Deirkauf and Michael van Hooghuyze. An army of hidden musicians on laptops will form an electronic orchestra. A ‘conductor’ behind a mixing board will transform the different inputs into one single piece of music, which will be backed up by stunning visuals from six visual artists. The city hall building will play an active part in the performance, creating a supermatrix together with the music and visuals. The output of this matrix is guaranteed to blow you away.



Date 15.07.2006-21.07.2006

Location: Livigno Italy public space


<touch> 10

Date: 11 May 2006

Location: TAG Stille Veerkade 14 Den Haag


Performance with the experimental music group RECPLAY directed by Robert Pravda.


Paleistuinen/ Palace gardens

Den Haag Sculptuur 2005

Date  07.06.2005–04.09.2005

Location: Galerie Pulchri, Lange voorhout Den Haag